The Travelling People 2014 rides again, (Saturday July 12th)

Well, it was a wild, chaotic, warm-hearted full moon of a night, and a wonder to see how far this immersion in the words and music of Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger has journeyed from a short performance in a Goldsmiths College classroom back in spring 2012. A real sense too of being part of this long chain of people making art that gives a damn about how we’re doing.


(Above:) Sarah Jewell and I take a verse of The Moving On Song, with choir assistance


(Above:) Excerpts from the original ballad, with images from the road past and present


Valdemar Kalinin and his partner Adrienne perform his poem ‘I Have Other Clothes On’


Keely Mills wows the crowd


Damian Le Bas speaks from the heart about the situation in 2014 for Gypsies, Roma and Travellers



The amazing and wonderful Marco of Romany Diamonds

Thanks to Ingrid Pollard for the photos:

Songlines TVP front finalSonglines TVP14 back final

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