The life aquatic (& melodic)

10974209_1004238389605796_5860819717326775331_o It’s time for another season of Otherworld, this time with us venturing Beneath the Waves, with me getting the chance to do my best impersonations of a manta ray, a jellyfish and a manta ray, as well as the usual messing about on ukelele, melodica and harmonica, with the odd rewritten shanty thrown in, with my musical partner in aquatic melodic merriment, Pete Mona. It’s quite something to be able to have so much fun being part of a project that brings a little light into lives that must be really hard at times. 10968372_1004237549605880_8492802647934825826_n10980744_1004236882939280_6393763183785944362_n

I made some pieces to work as background before and during the show. Here’s one of them:

Beneath the Waves will be back in February, and I’m job-sharing, which means stints in February, March, April and June.

Thanks to Amy Scaife for the photos: 10452861_1004238059605829_7082818023729072682_o

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